Mark 4

The kingdom is likened unto seeds. Three seed parables, one conclusion: the kingdom of God is breaking into the world and one day will be the ultimate reigning force.

But, I want to ask a question, if you read the seed parables again, what does the Markan Jesus seem to be telling us about the seeds and the soils?

# 1 — the seed is the Word

# 2 — the seed is good

# 3 — there will be opposition to the growth of the seed

# 4 — the seed will grow without any help from the sower

This last point intrigues me. If disciples are called merely to proclaim the good news of the  arrival of the kingdom, than it is up to God to grow the seed. Ministry styles, and budgets aren’t nearly as important as the message of the arrival of the reign of God.


About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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One Response to Mark 4

  1. mattdabbs says:

    I like the concept of the sower and the last point on your list because it reminds us that when you sow you leave your selection process behind and just start sowing. You never know where a seed is going to take root. It also reminds me that the effectiveness of the seed is not due to sowing ability but to the quality of the seed itself. God is good…

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