hurricane a coming

tis the season for hurricanes. Storms are an inevitable part of our lives. With hurricane or tornado warnings come the need for safety precautions. What precauations do you take, or have you taken in your fight against sin? What precautions have you taken to safeguard your marriage, your family, your congregation?

Don’t be bashful, share your thoughts.

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The random musings of a youth minister.
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1 Response to hurricane a coming

  1. preacherman says:

    Our family has bought bottle water and extra supplies that we might need because when we get alot of rain the rivers, and draws come up and we can’t go any where. So we are getting prepared for the storm. Living pretty close to Mexico. So depending on where it makes land fall will depend on how much rain we will get. So we just wait and see.

    We are ready for other hurricanes as well.
    I am going to also talk to the men about buying some cots to put in our fellowship hall in case we have some people that need to stay.

    Jason, thanks for bring this subject up.
    I appreciate it. I think that we all learned a lesson from Katrina and Rita.

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