Chinese imports

Just a question:

If dog food, toothpaste and now toys are tainted as they make their way from China here, why are we still importing these things from China?

Where is the federal regulation? I heard this morning that one of the beaureaus that is supposed to check foreign imports is understaffed, well for crying out loud, hire some people. We complain about jobs, well it sounds like there are a few jobs open!


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3 Responses to Chinese imports

  1. barryweber says:

    It looks to me like China, because of the surplus of American cash they now control, can send us anything they want. It’s about 1.5 trillion dollars that they have that they can release at any time, and have threatened to, just recently. That sends the American dollar into a dive, very quickly. It could cause many items at the grocery and retail levels to increase by 50% over a period of months. All China needs to do is to begin paying for any materials they are buying with American dollars, which any supplier will happily take.

    They’ve taken advantage of our greed for cheap goods and out-maneuvered us.

    I think we’re about to be screwed. And we asked for it.

  2. rustypants says:

    NPR interviewed a gentleman this morning on this issue and the bottom line seems to be: when you outsource to the cheapest bidder and the cheapest bidder can’t make enough profit at that cheap bid, they use even cheaper materials to lower cost and increase $$.

    and put in perspective, given the millions of products and toys that are regulated in this country, this recall represents a spit in the ocean (and the actual number of recalls of individual products is quite low).

    and i’ll agree with barry and say, “bend over and lube up. you asked for it.”

  3. jason says:

    ya’ll raise some good points. money seems to be the issue. hoarding it, loving it, and trying to control it. not good!

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