Ever feel dis-connected from God? I am sure this is a common feeling for Chrisitians. I think this is common, because at times in our spiritual formation we tend to look for the easy path. We get tripped up by the things of the world and we lose touch with God. I was thinking about this today, actually for a couple of weeks now. We are caught up in a great battle against the spiritual forces. Often we aren’t even aware of the battle that is going on, but we sure do feel the wounds of the evil one’s firery darts. We walk past broken people Sunday after Sunday. We hide from real conversation when we should be engaging each other, and getting to know the hurts of our brothers and sisters.

I think part of the problem of our disjointedness or disconnectedness if you will is a real sense of discontentment. I don’t think we are discontented so much with God as we are the culture we live in. We are constanly fed images of things we need to want, or need to have. And we play along, and we buy these things, and we are comforted for a time, but then we run out of excitement with our new toys and look for the next best thing.

We all need to slow down and consider what idols are we clinging too. Josiah was appalled at the abandonment of the covenant, and went to work removing the stains of Israel’s sin all across the nation. We would do well to rise up like Josiah and remove the garbage from our lives. We know what it is. Let’s quit pretending there is nothing wrong with us, and let’s deal with it and move on.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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