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hurricanes and precautions

Yesterday we spoke briefly about storms and the strom warnings and the need for precautions to be taken. Let’s look at storm warning from Scripture (Ephesians 6:10-20): 10Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11Put on … Continue reading

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hurricane a coming

tis the season for hurricanes. Storms are an inevitable part of our lives. With hurricane or tornado warnings come the need for safety precautions. What precauations do you take, or have you taken in your fight against sin? What precautions … Continue reading

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Chinese imports

Just a question: If dog food, toothpaste and now toys are tainted as they make their way from China here, why are we still importing these things from China? Where is the federal regulation? I heard this morning that one … Continue reading

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the 1st day

Rachel did great. She was excited about going to school. She has been looking forward to it for a year. I’ve been dreading this day for four years. I know kids need to grow up, but as a daddy, there … Continue reading

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1st day jitters

Rachel is ready for school. I am not ready for her to begin! Yesterday was a meet the teacher night and well, she was fine. She is ecstatic. I am having a tough time. Pray for my strength.

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transitioning into small groups

If you’re church has made the transition from no small groups to small groups, I’d be interested to hear how you went through this process. What lead to your decision to move┬áto small groups? How did you prepare your people … Continue reading

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Sunday School Curriculum via Harry Potter

“THIS COULD happen if your congregation buys the new ‘Mixing it up with Harry Potter’ study guides from the Church of England.” Read whole article here. Of course there any many who think the HP books are evil and lead … Continue reading

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Bonds and 756

I am not a real big baseball fan. I do love the Cincinnati Reds though. Anyway, Barry Bonds broke the home run record last night. With the steroid controversy and all, Mr. Bonds whether you realize it or not, this … Continue reading

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Ever feel dis-connected from God? I am sure this is a common feeling for Chrisitians. I think this is common, because at times in our spiritual formation we tend to look for the easy path. We get tripped up by … Continue reading

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missional pleas

Over the last several months, I have heard other ministers, speakers, authors talking about living missionally. This encourages me, but they aren’t referring to what they are saying as “missional.” Which is okay too, but I do think more and … Continue reading

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