Farwell Harry Potter

I am not attempting to spoil the ending for anyone who may stumble upon this blog, so if you are concerned about a potential spoiler, than please don’t read.

I finished the last book last night and…

Before I delved into how I felt. I have been a fan of these books for a relatively short time. I have seen the movies, but last year I really launched into reading these books. I had read the Lord of the Rings trilogy and loved them. I had read The Chronicles of Narnia, and loved them as well. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy reading the Harry Potter books. I was wrong. I dove in and have been hooked ever since. What a great tale. I have seen some of the reviews out now, about a lack of moral struggle, and some other things about this or that related to Ms. Rowling’s writing. I give the series two thumbs up and am looking forward to seeing movies 6 and seven.

So, there are lots of illustrations from the series that I have used in classes already, and certainly no doubt this last installment will prove to be a great teaching tool as well.

Enough said!

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