Cinderella on my mind

Stephen Curtis Chapman was on K-Love this morning and told a story about his two youngest children and how the words for a new song of his, called “Cinderella,” was written. It is about your daughter growing up and the bond between a father and his daughter. I thought the song was a powerful song.

One of the points that he made this morning on the radio that floored me was about how we get caught up going from appointment to appointment and here are our little one’s without a care in the world just caught up in our presence. They need us to be present and we need them to remind us of our need to be present. So, I got to thinking about my own life and my little one’s. I am guilty of hurrying through life at times, even trying to rush my kids from one venue to the next. They are like the little girls in the song, wanting to dance with daddy. I sat there in the church van this morning and balled like a baby.

“Jesus my prayer this day is to be more present in the lives of my little girl’s. Let me not use the “I’m to busy,” excuse to slow down and dance with my girls. Forgive me for focusing on what’s next, and not focusing on the now. In Jesus name, amen.”

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1 Response to Cinderella on my mind

  1. mattdabbs says:

    I heard him in concert at a benefit for an adoption agency in Memphis and was really impressed with him. He is a lot more than a good singing voice.

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