Back from the frontera, VBS, and some prayer thoughts

I don’t know how you are supposed to define success on a short term mission trip. I brought back all our kids safe and there was no serious injuries to report. We completed all our assigned tasks, shared our lives with one’s we were sent to serve and our selves were ministered too by one humble servant of our King Jesus (Kevin, thanks for a great week brother!). How do you measure a successful trip? I think for some of our kids, any noticeable change will be immediate, some of our group came back extra hyped up about being and living the missional call. Other’s showed no noticeable change, but for all of our kids I am confident that our Savior planted seeds and that these seeds will bear fruit. So again, what is a successful trip?


This week is also our church’s VBS. We are camping out in the book of Acts. Our kids have had a healthy dose of ACTS this year. Bible Bowl, LTC, Camp the year before, and now VBS. Anyway, we had about 113 kids. I know there are tons of different ways to do VBS, and lots of great material. We sort of do our own thing. We have a building with learning centers and a drama/story time each evening. It takes a lot of people to pull off all of our plans, but has been fun watching our members gel together and have fun while impacting children.

This is sort of a special year for us. My oldest is actually getting to go through the learning centers and watch the drama. I am playing the apostle Peter, so it was cool last night, when I walked out on stage, and Rachel said,
hey, there’s my daddy.”


On Sunday nights our church has moved to a class format. Kind of like a small group, sort of, but not fully. Anyway, we are looking at the “one another” passages in the NT. There are several different teachers, and we are rotating around to other classes, so we all get to teach the same lesson like four different times. I have never been one to love teaching adults, but I will say, that it is not as bad as I had thought. My topic over the next few weeks, is “praying for one another.” Truthfully, this is probably the hardest topic for me, for I have struggled for years with prayer, let alone praying for others. I am learning from my time preparing for class, and have been challenged to beging praying more for my brothers and sisters here at church.

Recently, I have prayed for some very serious things. Five times the answer now has come back to me very clear. Why does it take us so long sometimes to get it, when God answers? Do we doubt his goodness? I was  reading today in James 1, there is that familar opening about our blessed our you when you face trials…it seems that the text is indicating as we keep reading here in chapter one that instead of asking God to change our situations that maybe we should be asking God to be changing us through these situations, or what if we prayed to be effective in a situation that God would be glorified or that it would lead to the Gospel being proclaimed? Usually we ask to God to remove the situation or to remove us from the situation. But, instead we need to be hunkering down and letting God work out his plan in us.

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