El Paso: Day 3

Dear Church,

Our day started like the day yesterday, wake up call, breakfast, quiet time and off we went sort of. This morning was more a sight seeing morning. We went to downtown El Paso, and went up on a mountain with a tremendous view into Ciudad Juarez. As we drove along the mountain the homes on the mountain were large, wealthy homes. From there went to the border, to an old mill that is now a restaurant. This site is also the place where the first Spainard crossed into what is now the United States. Along the border there is a long fence with a barbed wire top. The Rio Grande River is the natural border between Mexico and the U.S. In Juarez there are homes along the mountains in Mexico as well. Only the homes are run down shacks. It is shocking that a fence could make such a difference in the way people live. Prosperity on one side and sever poverty on the other. I want the image of the homes on the Mexican side of the fence to live forever in the minds and hearts of our kids. Here in the U.S. We make up roughly 5% of the world’s population and consume 95% of the world’s population. It was an eye opening experience to see third world right across our own back yard.

This afternoon, after lunch at a Chinese restaurant and after trying to eat kalimari (lomg story) we went to the Cielo Vista Mall and then went to dinner at another elderly couple’s home from the Montana Vista Iglesia de Christa. We were treated to an amazing home cooked meal of tacos, rice and beans. After a filling meal we worked in this couple’s back yard. We cut down mesquite trees, and pulled up tons of weeds. We started work at about 7pm and worked till well after dark. It was a good day, and a fulfilling day.

God is so good and loves people from all walks of life. We are so blessed to be called his children. May we live daily with the awareness of his amazing love!

Blessings from El Paso,


About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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1 Response to El Paso: Day 3

  1. mattdabbs says:

    God is good…all the time 🙂

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