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I just began reading today, Seeking a Lasting City: the Church’s Journey in the Story of God. I am just a few pages in and enjoying this work immensely. Here is a little excerpt that raises some important questions: 

“The church is faithful when it lives within the story of God. However, in Churches of Christ, we’ve often misunderstood the church’s faithfulness not primarily in terms of its story, but of its structures. We ask: what is the organization of the church? The name of the church?  The worship of the church? The work of the church? This approach has an impressive legacy in our history. With these structures as our starting point, our efforts to reform inevitably focus on returning to the Bible and getting these things right. This approach, however, creates nagging questions. Is getting these structures right God’s mission in the world? What happens when the structures are right, but there is no serious engagement of the gospel with the world?” (Seeking a Lasting City, 5-6). 

So, what do you think, is getting the structures right the point, or is the church supposed to be part of something bigger than right form and right worship styles? Let me hear your thoughts…

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The random musings of a youth minister.
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