already tired of the political mumbo-jumbo

It seems all the news has to report on these days is what candidate said what, and who didn’t say something. I am tired of the circus already.

Dear politicans running for the office of presidency,

Do you want to truly impact American voters, then get out into the real world. You see the desperation in some families, do something. Why don’t you use your fundraising money to make a difference here in our own backyard. All of our candidates on both sides of the aisles could pool their money and eliminate stupid poverty. You could even help working Americans, but volunteering to baby sit, or finding out what is of real concern to the working class. Who knows, you might impact more people if you got of our world of high dollar fundraising and stooped down on our level.

And here is  the thing, if you don’t get elected, at least you would know that you made a difference in the lives of the citizens you claim to serve.


About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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