The Secret

Have any of you heard of “The Secret?” I began watching the DVD the other night, and well the basic premise is this notion of the Law of Attraction, that if you believe something good, or have positive thoughts your life will reap positive things. The appeal, or at least the ploy of the book/DVD is that this Secret is ancient wisdom that has been discovered, coveted, hidden and recently re-discovered. The DVD is a docu-drama of famous people from a wide spectrum of professions all advocating the “Law of Attraction.”

What do you think? Do you know anyone that is really into this stuff?

How do you feel about positive thinking and receiving positive outcomes?

One of the biggest critiques I have with the whole things is the focus on material prosperity. Why is it humanity feels that material prosperity will bring happiness into our lives? Jesus spoke about money alot and was not against us having money, but was certainly against hoarding and worshipping money. Idolatry is just as relevant today as it was in the first century.

I am not trying to emit any negative energy, I am just being honest.


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2 Responses to The Secret

  1. rustypants says:

    my mom has been in this camp for years – she goes as far as to believe that you can hold a quartz crystal up to your forehead and think positive thoughts to “positively charge” the crystal – you then wear it (or carry it in your pocket) and the positive charge radiates from it and bathes you in positive energy and thoughts.

    it drove me crazy for years. i still don’t buy into it, but i do see a positive perspective on it now that i didn’t see before: my mom is not a Christian and is dead-set on not becoming one – she needs as much hope and positive-ness as she can get, and this helps her to cope and it gives her a feeling of positive energy in the times that she most needs it. do i encourage it? no. do i believe it? no. do i tell my mom that she needs to put the crystal down and step away from its false positive glow? naw. i pray for her, tell her i love her, and i show her jesus in the best way possible in hopes that she will one day leave the crystals and know Him.

  2. johndobbs says:

    Donald Whitney’s article on The Secret is excellent.

    Rustypants, I think you are doing the right thing for your mother.

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