defining your core

About a year ago in a grad class at LCU, actually it was a youth ministry class, we discussed a lot of theology. Interesting concept, that theology and youth ministry go hand in hand. One of the questions we considered was what our core beliefs were.

For instance, imagine a circle, what is in the center? How many layers do you have in your circle?

Please share your thoughts. I think for me at the very center of my core theology is Jesus. I want to become more like him daily, and become a better minister as a result of my pursuit of Jesus.

So, what’s your core, what should be in your core? What do you want the kids in your youth groups to know, or to grasp before they go off to college?

  • Christ –I want them to have a faith of their own, centered in and around Jesus Christ and how is transforming them daily to be like Him in this world.
  • Service — I want them to discover what their gifts are, and use them for them kingdom.
  • Justice — As kids discover their gifted-ness, I want them to use their time, talents and treasures for the sake of the kingdom and for the good of the world. One of the areas in which I think more attention must be given is the area of justice. I want my kids, to have a passion for justice, for speaking up for those who don’t have a voice.
  • Community — being a part of a community of believers and feeling like they need to be a part of the community of believers.
  • Journey — the Christian life is one of perpetual motion. I want them to understand that following Jesus is a life long journey.
  • Worship — I think as we grow in our faith and our understanding of how big God is and how little we are, we will want to worship God more.
  • God’s Word — Getting the story of God into our heads and hearts is important if we want to know where we’ve been and we are headed. God’s Word is more than rule book, it is the unfolding narrative of what God is up too, and how is longing for his creation to partner with Him to accomplish His plan.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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