It never should have happened…

I watched the news programs two nights ago all dealing with the massacre at Virgina Tech. My heart grieves for the families, students and faculty members affected by this horrendous school shooting. I have read headlines, and seen snippets of various reporters reporting yet another attempt to pass legislation forbidden guns, and others that have been about allowing those that qualify to carry a concealed weapon. One student they interviewed said the outcome of the horrible day would be different if “he” and others were allowed to carry a concealed weapon.

I don’t think outlawing guns is going to make a difference, and I feel that giving a license to any Tom, Dick or Harry to carry a concealed weapon wherever he or she pleases wouldn’t improve the situation either. My goodness, how many times would innocent people be shot just because they looked suspicious.

I know that our world is broken. I know that many young adults and adolescents are hurting and the wounds are deep and that many of these young people don’t know how to process their hurt. Adult communities and institutions need to listen to the pain of the younger generations, the adult community must be willing to not only pass value judgements on a culture of emerging youth, but be willing to be in dialouge and the church has to be in the center of all of this. For in the church, we have opportunites to harness the potential of future leadership of the church by involving young people in the life of the church. Also, adults who are serious about thier committment to Jesus must live authentic lives. Our walk must mesh with our beliefs.

The horrible killings at Virgina Tech never should have happened. It is heart wrenching and many people are grieving. But, we mustn’t forget that God enters into our suffering. The cross is the place where we see this most clearly, God dangling from a wooden cross, consumed by the torture of crucifixion and the consumed by the tidal wave of humanity’s sinfulness. The cross is a place of immense suffering and rejection, despair, and hope. For we see God’s deep, amazing love for his creation. Our yuck and messiness He bore for our healing and redemption. Even, now 2000 years later, the cross is where we need to find the healing and hope to deal with the sin in our world.

Let us never tire in listening to the emerging generations, and let us never tire pointing people to the cross and let us never tire in finding healing there ourselves.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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