more on Samuel

Samuel’s family line is that of Levite stock (1 Chron. 6:26-28). This is an important detail, I think, as it pertains to the vestments (Samuel wore an ephod) worn by the boy Samuel ministering before the Lord with Eli.

Also, his name is interesting. Samuel means, “heard of God.” Or I guess you could say, God hears. Now, in chapter 3, where we read of Samuel calls, in our English Bibles, particularly the NIV, the word “call” occurs over again. It is most frequently attributed to the LORD God in his “calling of Samuel.” Would “heard of God,” hear the God that was calling out to him?

Do we hear God? Do we recognize the voice of God in world of tension, strife, war, school shootings,  and a sex charged culture? Can we decipher the still small voice of the Lovely One?

I hope we can. Today, of all days we need to not only hear the still small voice, but we also need to be Christ’s hands, feet, heart and of course voice to a hurting community in Virginia. Our prayers need to be with the students and families of Virginia tech.

As we pray for healing for others, let us not forget the people in places who don’t have a voice of their own, in places like the Sudan, (Darfur), and the millions of slaves worldwide. As we listen to the calling one, will we also speak up for the those who can’t?

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1 Response to more on Samuel

  1. Doug Oakes says:

    Great post. In answer to your final question….I hope so…I hope so. Thanks bro.

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