1 Samuel: thoughts

1 Samuel follows in the history of Joshua and Judges, and up this point the nation of Israel is torn by poor leaders, war, idolatry and experiencing a lack of the Word of the Lord. It is a desperate situation we enter into as beging our reading of Samuel. But, despite the obstacles that stand in the way of the survival of the nation, God is alive. He is active, and is moving amongst his people, and still actively pursuing a covental relationship with his people. God’s love is constant, his promises are sure and has not forsaken his people.

1 Sam 1-3: ramblings

Samuel, the wonder boy. Born to Hannah, a childless women, provoked often by the other wife of her husband, Elkanah. Hannah, prays and makes a promise. I love how God moves through Samuel. Where there was no hope of children, Hannah has a son, honors her vow and has more children. What a God!

Samuel, is called in most unusal way. An observation here that has struck me for sometime about his call in chapter 3. He is sleeping in the tabernacle of the Lord, where the ark of God was. I haven’t checked, but wasn’t the Tabernacle set up like the Temple was later one, with the ark resting in an inner area, (the holy of holies?) If this is the case, Samuel, who is not the chief priest was near the ark of God. A place that was reserved for special religious men (high priest, one time a year, etc.). I can’t help but draw the comparison to the words of Jesus, about entering the kingdom of heaven like a little child. Little chidlren have sense of wonder, they are trusting, loyal, enthusastic, curious, loving, and pure of heart. All the admirable qualities we should possess. Does the story of Samuel’s call say something special about the special relationship between God and his children? Just thinking out loud!

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2 Responses to 1 Samuel: thoughts

  1. Doug Oakes says:

    Isn’t 1 Samuel the theme for LTC next year? You are getting an early start…you must be excited! (If this post gets you in trouble…you can delete it..it won’t hurt my feelings!)

    I’ll have to check out where Samuel was sleeping. That’s an interesting thought. I haven’t been in 1 Samuel in a while. Glad your back and blogging. Peace.

  2. there is no problem. in addition to next year’s LTC theme, it also our theme book for one of our weeks at lu jo!

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