Bed time rituals

This is the second week in a row, where right before my oldest goes to bed, I sit down next her and we read a couple of Bible verses from a book mark that takes your child through a series of verses from a pre-selected topic. Rachel is three, and has the attention span of of a 3.5 year old. But, she sits through the readings, head on my shoulder and nods with approval through the reading. She asks some questions, interrupts me often, and says “daddy, I love you,” alot. It is the most precious time of my day. After we read, we pray. I let her lead a prayer, and then I have been teaching her the Lord’s prayer not to just let her learn it to recite the words. But, the Lord’s prayer is plea for the kingdom of God to continue to break into our world, we are asking for God to make it more like heaven here, for reconcilation, for provision and for purification. I want my little one’s growing up thinking about, experiencing and living the petition in this ancient prayer. So, we pray it regularly. Last night, nearing the end, I was saying, “for yours is the kingdom, and the…” she cut me off and said “the power and the glory.” I almost cried. She is memorizing it, slowly, but she is getting it.

Now, Kenzie is another story. We look at the Bible story book, and inevitably, she will turn the page before I get done reading that particular page. But, both of my girls love books, and they love it when their daddy reads to them.

What do you do or did you do to get your children ready for bed?


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