youtube and the world of “me”

I maybe one of the last bloggers on the planet to post a link to the article about the youtube and myspace video of three teen girls attacking another teen girl. I either don’t read the news headlines enough, or watch enough television news, but I was appalled by the video footage of the teen brawl. I am not against youtube, or myspace altogether. I use both, and think they can be good resources and tools for ministry, but like anything else that can be used for good, it can also be used for bad. But, is the youtube craze or the myspace craze epidemic of our American culture? I am going to go out on a limb here and say that our American way of life is excessively self-centered. I am just as guilty of being self-absorbed. Daily, I battle with whose kingdom will rule; the kingdom of God or the kingdom of Jason (the kingdom of self). But, in our excessively violent, self-centered culture, where are the adults responsible for these young people? What circumstances lead to this incident in the first place. When will we say enough is enough to this sort of thing in our culture?

I like what I heard Rob Bell in a sermon series titled, “Jesus wants to save Christians.” He uses the story of the Good Samaritan to remind us that Jesus wants to save Christians from hate, prejudices and racism. In the introduction to his sermon, he welcomes the people to his congregation and warns them that this community was subversive group hell-bent on changing the world and being kingdom of God people (my paraphrase). Church, we need to be involved in the world partnering with what God is already doing. We must realize that we are a part of this subervisve kingdom of Christ and the He calls us to radical service and unyeilding committment to him. We will heed his invitation?

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