There’s a stirring…(I hope)

The real struggle in the church, as I see it is a generational one. We have a four groups really whether knowingly or not, vying for power. The WWII generation, Boomers, Xer’s and Gen Y. The one’s in power could learn from the one’s without, and vice versa. I am however, encouraged by the freshness and seeking hearts of those in the younger generations too. The worry I have is that the model of church that the kids in our youth groups see, will become the model they inherit and stick too when they get to ripe years of their lives. By model, I am referring to the church is a building, disconnected from the community we live in model. And, that is just it. The church was never just to be a building unengaged from its community at large. I believe the question in all neigborhoods in our world today, is what kind of neighbor will the church be? This question is worth a look across the generational landscape. This question, I believe is the question of our time. We will choose to sit and hide or we will take the message of the Christ to the streets? I pray that all the generational differences can become learning opportunities, that we can dialogue and learn from the life experiences of all sides. Maybe, instead of generational struggle what we should call it is maintenance vs. missional mindsets.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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