Acts 27:13-26

Acts 27:13-26  We all have experience storms in our lives. And like ships we’ve been rocked back and forth by the waves of circumstances that our beyond our control. Storms are a part of life. Storms can keep people bound up with fear. Storms can take lives, and destroy property and even ruin all hope. As a matter of fact, as I am writing this devotional, a winter storm has caused me to cancel a trip to a huge youth rally down in Texas.  With all the danger a storm can bring, there is some good that comes from weathering a storm. First, the storms of life can help to develop the character of Christ in us. How we respond to desperate situations in life effects all areas of our lives. We have a choice in these moments to abandon all hope and jump ship, if you will, or choose to tie ropes around the ship like the reading from Acts 27 today. These ropes were meant to keep the ship from coming apart. Only in our lives, the ropes of Christ’s love are already wrapped around us, and will keep us bound up tight and safe if we don’t cut them loose through our negative thinking and actions. Secondly, storms provide us an opportunity to trust in God to take care of us. As I read this section in Acts I am reminded of another storm story in Mark 4. The disciples are tossed back and forth on Sea of Galilee, Jesus was in the stern sleeping. The disciples were more concerned about the wind and the waves then they were aware of the One that was in the boat with them. They wake Jesus up with question, don’t you care? Of course He cares, but here is the hard truth about all storms we must learn sometimes even the hard way, Not all storms are stilled are they? You know people, I know people who have storm stories that make the weather channel’s show with the same name seem like a story of snow flurries. What I am getting at is this: our God may not always calm the storm, but will calm his children. Sometimes, the storms that come are those that rage within us, and we panic and feel like we too are going to be dashed against the rocks of doubt, disease, even death. We needn’t forget that Jesus had promised to be with us always. We needn’t forget that His name is also Immanuel, God with us. That He walks with us wherever we go, through whatever circumstance we face, He is present. His presence is always enough to get us through the rocky places of life.

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The random musings of a youth minister.
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