Acts 28:11-16 Finally, after danger on the high seas, a ship wreck and wintering on Malta, they were ready to set sail and in our reading today, Paul finally reaches Rome. This had been many years in the making and what relief there must have been to have finally made it to their destination. Paul’s trip to Rome could have been avoided, you know. Had Paul not appealed his case to Caesar, he wouldn’t had to come to Rome a prisoner. But two things jump out at me right away. First, Paul probably would have wanted to come to
Rome any way. It was “the city” in the Roman Empire. A thriving metropolis, and huge mission field. Why would Paul turn down such an opportunity. Secondly, Paul was not your usual prisoner. Here was a man that was in chains because he believed in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Normally we think of dangerous criminals as being worthy of chains, not preachers. Regardless of chains, and dungeons, Paul had served the needs of others. Just look at the last chapter, and the reading from yesterday, he is serving, healing the sick and above all, Paul was obedient. Also, what happens when he gets to Rome. He is allowed to live alone. What prisoner do you know is allowed to rent his own apartment (28:30)? Another observation, is that there was a group of Christians already in Rome, and once they had learned about Paul’s coming they were there to greet him when he arrived (28:14-16). The sight of some of the Lord’s own people encouraged Paul greatly. I think it must of warmed his heart to know that the gospel had come even to Rome, without his service. I doubt that Paul worried that the mission of the church would cease in his absence, but how he must have been reminded of the Lord’s sovereignty as he met some brothers in Christ in

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