Read: Acts 26:22-32

Read: Acts 26:22-32 

“Almost persuaded,” you can almost hear the echo in your mind of the last time that you sang this song at church during the invitation. King Agrippa, apparently was teetering awfully close to the edge of the Christian fence. Paul asks him, “do you believe the prophets?” If he answered yes, then Paul could ask, “then why don’t you believe what they say about the Messiah Jesus?” So Agrippa does what many still do in our world today, put off a decision for whole life commitment to Jesus until later. Only, we aren’t told in the case of Agrippa if he ever comes to saving faith in Christ or not. But, I think there is a lesson here we can learn.  Number one, faith in Jesus is a whole life commitment. This commitment shakes things up. For, in Jesus our worldview gets re-aligned, our values are changed and the way we interact with the world around us is changed. In short, we are ruined to selfish living. Secondly, in Paul’s writings and in John’s, there is no room for entangling allegiances. Paul will talk about this in his 2 letter to Corinth in chapter 6:14-7:1, he makes an impassioned plea not to get polluted by the world. We have to guard ourselves from pollution by the world. We live in a day and age where garbage is everywhere, and if we don’t know how to navigate through popular culture we run the risk of drowning in sea of smut. Thirdly, we learn from Agrippa that it is easy to put off the business of getting your life right. Farmers know that preparing untilled, weed-filled soil is hard work. The task of spiritual formation is no easy endeavor. The day you become a Christian, you don’t just automatically get the pure character of Jesus. There is like Paul experienced in Damascus, some serious reshaping, and re-positioning that must take place in our lives. If you have ever read the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis, the whole account with Eustace and the dragon and Aslan’s cutting away of the rough exterior is a perfect analogy for this hard, and often painful business of life change. Besides, we aren’t told how long we get to spend on this earth. We have no guarantee of tomorrow and putting off a commitment to Jesus is risky business. So, don’t put of till tomorrow what needs to be done today.


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