Acts 25:18-27

Read: Acts 25:18-27 The claim that Jesus had died and had risen alive had caused quite a stir in the first century world. This news shook the very fabric of Judaism, and was a threat to the allegiance to the Roman Emperor. This stirring, soul shaking news of the resurrection of Jesus was divisive and yet Paul clung to this truth with his whole being. And this truth was why Paul was a thorn in the flesh of his Jewish brethren and why he was on trial.  So you can imagine the difficulty Festus has at determining what exactly to charge Paul with. Sending Paul on to Rome with a charge that he believed that a Jewish teacher had been crucified and buried, and then found alive would have landed Festus in a first century mental institution or found himself on a deserted island as an exile. I can almost feel for Festus, he respects Paul’s citizenship and appeal to the Emperor, and doesn’t want to appear to be going against Roman law. So, what follows in our readings through chapter 26 is Paul’s defense.           

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