Acts 23:12-22

Read: Acts 23:12-22


It is not said to be intervention from the Lord, but don’t you know it is. What we read today is more potential trouble for Paul. More than forty men devise a plan to murder Paul and ask the religious leaders for their approval. The murderous plan is underway, these forty men are in position and a delegate will be sent to the commander to ask for Paul to come back to present his case again. The Sanhedrin was asking for Paul under the pretext of more information, but their ploy was a trap. The only thing that this murderous mob hadn’t counted on was that Paul’s nephew overheard this plan and ran to warn Paul and the commander of the impending danger to Paul’s life. Remember the night before the Lord came near Paul and told him that he would go on to Rome to testify, so the fact that Paul’s nephew is in the right place at the right time is no minor detail. What we see here is the Lord keeping his promise to Paul.


I want you consider God’s promise for a moment. The character of God is tied to his Word. If He promises something He will carry it out. What kind of God would we claim allegiance to that broke his word and didn’t keep his promise? One that I would not follow. Think about when you’ve experience a broken promise from a parent, friend, or role model, I’d be willing to be that you were extremely disappointed and maybe never trusted that person again. Well, we can rejoice that we don’t ever have to be disappointed because God has lied to us. God is holy. He cannot lie. To do so would make him not God. God has never spoken a promise he doesn’t intend to keep. All the business about never leaving you nor forsaking you, about watching over us, about being compassionate, gracious, forgiving. All of those promises are guaranteed.


I’d be willing to bet that Paul was aware of God’s promise the night before to him and saw in the news from his nephew God intervening to rescue him from sure death. What an awesome God we serve!

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