the day after Christmas

There is nothing quite like a Christmas morning at home. As a little kid, the night before Christmas morn was always the longest night of the year. I confess, I still get a little anxious. But, with two little girls who love presents my anxiousness is getting to see them open their gifts.

Growing up, my brother and I were always up early on Christmas morning. Yesterday, my daughters didn’t get up till like 10am. It was kind of nice sleeping in. I wish you could have seen the look on Rachel’s face when we told her that Santa had come and left gifts for her and Kenzie. She was so excited.

We had a good time watching the little ones open gifts. We opened a few gifts as well and then ate an excellent breakfast. After breakfast, it was a lazy day. Followed by more laying around an extended nap, Christmas dinner and more laying around. It was a good day.

One of the funnier things that happened yesterday, my brother opened up a new DVD player, and well when he opened it someone had stuffed an old CD drive, a remote control to a television and some funky adapter that didn’t go with anything. So, this morning we braved the return crowds and went to Target and exchanged the junk for the real thing.

I have been thinking a little about Christmas and the season. I have made a couple of observations. I am sure, none of which are new observations:

1. It seems that allure of stuff blurs the view of the manger.

2. The Christmas season really begins way back in October and runs through the end of December.

3. Shopping puts a lot of people in a grouchy mood.

4. Long lines are not the end of the world.

5. Christmas is anymore, more about Santa, gift giving, and egg nog than it is about celebrating the arrival of the king.

6. After the last present is unwrapped, and the decorations are taken down, the real message of Christmas doesn’t have to end either.

With the in-breaking of the kingdom of God into our world, the baby wrapped in cloths and placed in a manger is the most dangerous baby ever born. The news of one born king of the Jews is a threat to all earthly allegiance, all empires and kingdoms. For this little babe will be the salvation of all and the bane of many. No one that I can think of in history has attacted more attention, had more written about than him. No one has been hated more than him. Shepherds welcomed him and this Shepherd still welcomes all of us. The most dangerous baby indeed, even as a man he is still a threat to all earthly rule and dominion and offers all who come a chance to taste life the way it was meant to be lived. The one born king of the Jews is still King. Only his kingship is universal and the wise still seek him.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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1 Response to the day after Christmas

  1. Doug Oakes says:

    I enjoyed reading about how Rachel experienced Christmas morning. It was kind of a vicarious experience for me. Now that I am a father-to-be, the reality of that experience is so close. I can’t wait to see the look in my child’s eyes that you experienced this Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

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