Last week I cut back some brush, trimmed some branches and did some much needed weed eating. One of the things I noticed is how invading and entangling vines can be. I have a neighbor who planted a long time go some sort of green monster on the fence separating our two yards. The vine of death has virtually taken over all possible areas for growth. It thrives off the life of another organism. It grows on another plant until it chokes the life out of it.

Isn’t that the way sin works? We may let a little in, here and there. We think that a little bit won’t hurt us. But, a little bit plants itself and begins to spread. Left unchecked, it will devour our heart and mind until it sucks the life out of us.

As a minister I see this played out in the life of the teens I minister to. I hate this part of my job. The messy part. The part where I have to confront young disciples, or bring things to their parents. My heart hurts in those times. I begin to think about working at Walmart and not having to see the messy side of life. But, I know the with any area of ministry people will hurt. As long as we live between the now and the not yet of the kingdom of God we will experience heart break.

At times like these, I want so badly for Christ to come. “Come, Lord Jesus and make right all that is broken. Restore creation, restore humanity. Come quickly!”

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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  1. I’m with you Jason.

    Bobby Valentine

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