“hallowed be your name”

Read Matthew 6:9-13″hallowed be your name…”

Food for Thought: Making a big deal out of God…

Again as we continue to explore the Lord’s prayer, let me just say again that this is more than a form prayer meant to be mechanically repated over and over. What we are introduced to in this prayer of Jesus is a way to see what’s really important. Today we are examining the second petition, “hallowed be your name.” What is being said here is the idea of revering God’s name. To hallow something is to make something sacred. It carries with it an awe. So, when we are hallowing the name of God we are agreeing that God is Holy. In Hebrew thought a person’s name revealed his character, so when we pray “hallowed be your name” we are recalling the faithful character of our God as it’s been revealed throughout history. Think about if for a moment, when has God’s character failed his people? Was it in the days of the Garden? What about Noah’s day? Did God’s character fail at the foot of the Red Sea when the Israelites stood trapped between the approaching Egyptian Army and the Sea? What about the wanderings in the wilderness, did God’s character fail his people?

I know my questions may have been a little to easy, but the point is this. God’s character reveals that he is holy, just and faithful. Because of his faithfulness we can trust him to do what he says he’ll do.

I think another aspect of the Lord’s prayer that we need to consider is making a big deal out of God. When we make a big deal out of God we are forced to take the focus off ourselves and focus solely on God. Be sure to hallow the name of our Father.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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