Food for Thought: Freed by Faith…

"Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever" (Psalm 125:1)

A word from the Word: Read Mark 5:21-34

"…your faith has healed you…" (Mark 5:34)

I need a story like the one we read about today. I know what's like to be bound by an ailment for many years. While, I may not be suffering from a physical condition such as the woman in our text today, you and I both know what its like to be bound by sin. You can sense the woman's desperation as she draws closer to Jesus. Twelve long years have forced this woman to live in isolation. Her bleeding has kept her unclean and therefore isolated from the community at large. Doctor's couldn't heal her, as a matter of fact the only thing that they have done for her is to make her worse. With out any where else to go, she comes desperate and hopeful to Jesus.

What brings you to Jesus? Is it hope that just maybe the sin you have been struggling with will be taken care of? Or maybe, you come because you are curious. Could he be who "others" claim him to be? You know the Da Vinci Code has forced many to ask questions, and so maybe you come to Jesus looking for answers. You and I are not that different than the woman in our text today. She came curious, looking for healing and she left with more than she bargained for. She wanted physical healing, I believe she received that healing, but there is more. I believe that she also left with spiritual wholeness. While the text doesn't address this woman's spiritual life, I imagine that she questioned God, and over the course of twelve years had prayed asking God, "why me?" Haven't you asked the same question a time or two? I know I have.

Twelve years is a long time to deal with any problem. But for some of us, there have been sins that have kept us bound for at least as long if not longer. We need a healthy dose of the faith that woman in our text displays. She comes to Jesus as her last best chance. Jesus was all she needed. We need to likewise get to a place in our desperation where Jesus is all we need. She thought touching his cloak would be enough, it wasn't the physical act of touching the garments of Jesus that healed her, it was the faith that moved her in the direction of Jesus. I believe that we can have that kind of faith, a faith that moves us in our desperation to Jesus. Will you go to Jesus for the healing you so desperately desire. I hope to see you there.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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