Psalm 3

David writes in Psalm 3, “how many are my foes, how many rise up against me!” It would seem from the opening of this Psalm that the rest of his message would be bleak. In spite of mocking (v. 2) “many are saying of me God will not deliver him,” he is able to say with confidence that God is a shield around him. It is to the Lord he cries out to when things aren’t going right, and when people are against him. To me the most striking statement that David makes is that of verses 5 and 6, “I led down and sleep; I awake again because the Lord sustains me. I will not fear the tens of thousands drawn up against me on every side.”
David has unshakeable confidence and trust in the Lord. Such so he can sleep during moments when life gets a little to overwhelming. Because he knows who it is that sustains him, he knows who it is that takes care of him, and he knows who it is that deals with his enemies,  and he knows who holds the world in his hands.
We would do well to learn from David’s words in Psalm 3. I think if I could sum up the message from Psalm 3 is “don’t worry.” We know that worry is a silent beast, a cancer of the heart if you will. Worry creeps in and pushes out the joy we once knew. Worry makes us fear and become disillusioned with people, and even God. Worry is certainly a serious creature. But worry is not to big for God’s unfailing love. You see, when you worry you are focusing on your problems. God has promised to walk with us, and when we are in a right relationship with him, he is our provider, protector, and friend. Jesus in Luke 12 tells us that worry is pointless. Worry can lead us down paths that we never intended to travel.
So, whatever you are worrying about today, spend sometime in the Word reading of God’s goodness, his unfailing love, and his ability to take care of us. Spend some time in prayer as well, letting go of the bag of burdens you woke up with this morning. Lay them down there at the cross, and face the rest of your day worry free, and full of renewal.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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