My story, sort of…

Sunday night I got to share my story of how I came to a saving faith in Christ. A couple of highlights from my story:
The guy that introduced me to Jesus, not only spoke of Him like he knew him personally but he lived out his faith.
The main drawing point to Jesus was his answer for my sense of something missing. The problem with sharing Christ with the lost, is sometimes those we may deem as "the lost" don’t see themselves as being lost.
I was drawn to Jesus, because of his acceptance of sinners. The worst of society were the ones who He dined with, healed, touched, and held. If he could do if for them, maybe he would do the same for me.
He did and still does.
I was converted to Jesus. I wasn’t in church very long though I began to adopt the "party" mentality. Thankfully over the last couple of years, Christ has broke me from my divisiveness.
Jesus was the author of my salvation. I was given grace freely. I didn’t deserve it, and still don’t but that God loves me unconditionally is patient with the likes of me is just amazing.
Jesus is the answer to the soul’s deep hungering for something more than the here and now.
What’s your story?

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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