Let it go…

We love to cling what offers comfort. It’s tough to let go of those things, especially in the face of the unknown. With knuckles white, grip firmly grasped hear these words this morning. Whatever you are holding on to, let it go. Maybe for some this morning that which you are clinging to is an unhealthy relationship. a dead end job, worry about how to make the next rent payment, or maybe some sin that you wouldn’t want any one else to know about.

 The disciples also clinged to the familiar and the comfortable. Remember the storm tossed seas, and the night Jesus walked on water? Only Peter had the courage to leave the safety of the boat behind. Fast forward now, to after the crucifixion. It is resurrection morning, and the disciples are locked in an upper room, with hopes crushed and lives confused by the weekend’s tragic events. Until the One who promised to appear again, does. Their fears melted.

 When we let go of what’s keeping us bound, we enter a world of adventure, of unknowns, of danger, and wonder. Why would I ever want do that? That’s where Jesus is. Notice where He was in the Gospels, right in heart of danger. In the middle of a storm, in the middle of an angry mob, He was and is where the action is.

 I believe He still promises to walk with us through life’s unknowns. If you are ready for more adventure let go of the worry and the mundane. Experience life as it was meant to be experienced.  Journey with the carepenter from Nazareth, your life won’t be the same.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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2 Responses to Let it go…

  1. thedougout says:

    Great post, Jason. It’s a good reminder when we are in tough situations too. I pray God’s blessing on your ministry as you wait for His leading.

  2. Doug,

    As always, thanks for stopping by. Jen and I are still coming up your way this weekend. Are you and Kelly still on for lunch Monday?

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