Museum or Hosptial? That is the question…

One of the questions that our churches must continually wrestle with is what kind of churches are we? We have two choices that really do determine our destinies and the destines of the communities we serve. Are we museums for the saints or are we hospitals for sinners? Jesus in Luke 19:10 gives us a glimpse of his mission statement, “to seek and save the lost.” How are we doing in fulfilling the mission of Jesus?
I am afraid of that if we were honest with ourselves that we would answer that we were more similar to the former rather than the latter.
Our challenge is to see the world as Jesus saw it in his day, and how He would see it today and then let what we see stir in our gut move us to compassion, and then let that gut stirring force us our on our knees and then out the doors of our churches to minister to the harassed and helpless. We aren’t the only ones who need a shepherd.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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