Good defense of the TNIV

Dr. Curt Niccum provides a good defense of his recent review of the TNIV, a new version of the Bible that helps make the Word of God more meaningful for those who have never read the Bible.

Here is a little bit of the article:
“Over the weekend I received a number of generally negative responses to my comments about the TNIV. I do not question the sincerity of these men and appreciate the concerns they have. For the sake of some readers, though, who might misinterpret my position, I offer in greater detail some of my reasoning on the issues raised. I have, however, no intention of getting into a debate.

Below is the text of the first comment:

Curt, I just read your article in the Christian Chronicle on the TNIV and after reading it I read some of your past entries on your blog. I see that you were very surprised and even said you “do not understand the uproar surrounding the…TNIV?. I do not know why you don’t understand. Many of our great scholars in the church have spoken out against these newer versions. Brother Foy E. Wallace use to say they are not versions at all but perversions and this is not a blasphemous statement as you alluded to.
These versions are perversions and you are standing up for them and endorsing them. You state that you like the TNIV’s translation of Rom.
3:25 “blood – to be received by faith?. That clearly changes the meaning of the passage and advocates faith only but it does not surprise me that you would like that change since you are ready to take baptism (Mark 16:16) out of our English Bibles. You say that “every translation is commentary?.
Does this mean you can not understand the Bible unless you know Hebrew and Greek? We might as well resort back to the dark ages and start chaining our Bibles down to the pulpit again because the average person is unable to understand it. The NIV and TNIV are both perversions of the scripture (They clearly teach Calvinism). Even great scholars such as Bruce M. Metzger recognized that these new versions were lacking. In his book the “The Bible in Translation? he wrote this about the NIV “it is surprising that translators who profess to have a high view of scripture should take liberties with the text by omitting words or, more often, by adding words that are not in the manuscripts?. I do not have a problem with preachers saying that these versions are “satanic? or the “HIV? of Bible translations because like the HIV virus they are deadly and could cause someone to lose their soul. ‘

Curt counters this brother’s crtique very well, read his response here:

All of this stems from his recent high marks he gave the TNIV in the Christian Chronicle.

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2 Responses to Good defense of the TNIV

  1. JP says:

    I agree, I own a copy of the TNIV. Although I can only say that I brushed thru it, I do not see what the huge hype is all about. I still see God’s message in it….

  2. Jeff Slater says:

    Hey Jason.

    It was great to see you at Tulsa. I got to see your father-in-law at Casa Bonita.

    I am a fan of the TNIV. I enjoyed Niccum’s review in the Christian Chronicle. If and when they come out with a TNIV Study Bible, I will get one.

    Grace and Peace,


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