cultural tsunami?

Why have our churches become content maintaining the status quo, and why aren’t we are on the forefront of societal and cultural change? I think it’s possible that if the Church got serious about our missional calling we could effect a cultural tsunami. The world we live in craves spiritual experience, will allow our assemblies to become places of Divine encounters or just continue to be dispensers of information? Len Sweet, at the Tulsa Workshop talked about how commerical enterprises have gotten good at offering experiential products. He noted that anything that works in this culture, is E.P.I.C. Experiential, Participatory, Image Rich, and Connected. What a great time to be the Church, we can offer so much to our culture. Will we ride the wave of cultural hunger and be the one’s feeding the weary masses or will we will sit on our thumbs watch opportunity pass us by?

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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