Blogger ate my post…

Earlier today, I tried to post an update of the last few days, and my post is now somewhere lost in cyber-blog-space. Oh well.

This past weekend, I was able to attend a little of the Tulsa Workshop, and spent most of my weekend at LTC. The little of the workshop I got to attend was awesome. Wade Hodges’ class on syncing up with our culture, and Len Sweet’s semeotic awarness (reading the times) and the exegesis he did on Starbucks were the two of the best classes I sat in on.

LTC went well. I was so proud of the way our church’s kids behaved at the hotel, and the way they carried themselves throughout the grueling weekend. I know LTC is designed for the kids, but it’s the parents and the volunteers that are really modeling Christ like leadership, sacrifice, and service. Our congregation’s participation in LTC wouldn’t be possible were it not for these folk’s hours of sweat, and service. Thank you LTC volunteers.

Now, it’s on to refocusing on family, my health and graduate studies.

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The random musings of a youth minister.
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