Another school shooting…

It’s being called the worse school since Columbine. Today in Minnesota, a young man went on a shooting rampage, killing ten and then killed himself. You can read the article here:

As a youth worker, my heart breaks at the news. What prompts teenagers to kill their peers? I know there has been survey after survey, research upon research. But, what can we do as youth workers to help prevent these sort of tragedies?

Pray regularly for our students. I am not just talking about the kids in our youth groups, but the entire school population in our communities. Establishing a good relationship with public schools is also a must for youth workers. We need to have a presence on school campuses. We also need to be aware of the kids that walk into our buidlings. Teachers are trained to notice out of the ordinary things, and behaviors of their students. We as youth workers need to also know to look for warning signs, and out of place behaviors. I know that above suggestions aren’t exhaustive, but the more the people of the light invade areas of darkness, the less and less territory the darkness will control. There are no doubt countless thousands of students that go to schools each day on the brink of mental and emotional breakdowns. While not every student will hear the Gospel preached or even see it lived out autentically, it is still our job to make a difference in the communites in which we reside. Will me rise to the challenge? I hope so.

I ask that you pray for that Minnesota community, the families of the students who were killed, and of course for the family of the young man that lost control and ended the lives of other young lives as well as his own. God help us to make a difference.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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