All the planning and I’ll admit, worrying over our congregation’s efforts to participate in LTC are coming together. Everything just sort of seemed to click last night and some of the loose ends I had been fretting over aren’t loose ends any more. The people at our congregation are great people. If any of ya’ll happen to see this post today, know that I appreciate all your hard work and sacrifice to get this year’s LTC off the ground.

Since I am in an appreciate mood. Let me say “thank you” to Unlce Sam for our tax return this year. We were able to pay off a nagging hospital bill and still have money left over to pay other bills! Whew Hoo!!

Jennifer had a doctor’s appointment the other day, a check up to see how the body is progressing and such. Our daughter was curious about all the neat things in the doctor’s office, and was mesmerized by the sound of her siblings heart beat. We don’t know what we are having yet, but we should be able to tell ya’ll by April 5.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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