A little while ago, my wife and I received a phone call from someone who we were counting on to be a large part of VBS, and well this person backed out. The reason for thier back out was cited as “conflicting leadership styles.” So as I sit here this morning, and write, I wonder if I am perceived in the congregation as a dictatorial leader or an encourager? Who really has the problem? Is it my style of leadership or is the age gap that exists dictate the confrontation between Gen-Xers and the WWII generation?

I was discouraged again this morning, but then I wonder if maybe this person’s backing out is a sign of thier wisdom and foresight in letting the next generation rise to the challenge of the day?

I would be interested in your thoughts on generational conflict and what you do to promote a win-win solution for both sides.

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The random musings of a youth minister.
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  1. My experience in ministry is that you can’t please everybody, and quite often people are reluctant to give their real reasons for doing things other people won’t like. In these cases, I always ask my wife, as she is much more in tune to my shortcomings and others’ views of me than I am. Unless your wife sees something, or you begin to see a pattern with several people having problems with your “leadership style,” I wouldn’t worry about this one person.

  2. Milton,

    I appreciate your thoughts and your insight into conflict. I know that we as ministers can’t please everyone.

    Thanks for commenting, by the way, I checked out your blog. I dig it!

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