LTC is beginning to come together, slowly at church. I have to take a step back from everything, and remind myself who LTC is for. It is for the kids! We want to encourage our kids to live a lifestyle of leadership and my example as the LTC cooridnator affects everyone. So, Lord, help me in the mix of all this confusion and not knowing what to do to remember you and your faithfulness in all of this. In the mix of LTC preparation our congregation is also gearing up for The Great Southwest Bible Bowl Feb. 26th and also VBS July 11th-13th. Our theme this year is Joseph, and we had another committee planning meeting this evening. One lessoned I learned last year, was the earlier I get the church folk geared up for VBS, the more I can expect from them. So, our committe has met twice now, and really have had some very productive time.

I don’t know about ya’ll but after being fed and ministered to at NCYM and attending and being fed at Winterfest, I just feel that the enemy has his sights on me big time trying to discourage me at every turn. I have felt a little overwhelmed this past week trying to get forms signed and making phone calls and the like. I have seen bitterness rear its ugly head as I was faced with the reality that things were dumped off on me, the help I was promised was not there and yet somehow in small ways throughout this week the Lord has reminded me of more important things.

My family. My little girl has missed her daddy this week. As she began to go to a sitter’s and I was working a little later than normal. By Saturday night, she had enough of not having daddy, and so throughout the evening last evening she was daddy’s girl. She spent the majority of the night in my lap. My wife also reminds me that she is here for me and things are going to be okay, and she is always right. I can’t do this youth ministry thing with out her.

My Lord. He waits so patiently on us to give him time. In the quiet stillness of longing He still speaks, and oh, how we all need to be reassured of our place in the kingdom. If you go day after day and haven’t spent any time in the Word or with your Lord, do that now. Just stop what you’re doing, and soak in the Son.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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