Late Night Questions…

I don’t know exactly I was thinking when I first began to serve as a youth minister. I knew from almost the first moment I came out of the watery grave of baptism that God somehow was directing me into full time ministry. I was so naive I guess when I finally began working with kids. I mean I wasn’t that far removed from my teen years when I first became a Christian so I guess I should have been prepared for the barrage of teen struggles and questions that they have. But, how do you fully prepare yourself for real pain, and hurt that so many of our young men and women are experiencing? Just last week I found out some information about a kid I dearly love in the Lord, heart hurting information. And to top of it all of, it comes of the heels of another crisis. A crisis of identity that has taken it’s toll on another family. And this week, more teen struggle. Oh, I am not giving up or given into the enemey’s sublte and not so subtle attacks on those under my care. I am declaring war on the enemies of light, and ask for your prayers to shake the gates of hell. Let’s do everything we can to pass on our faith legacy to the next generation.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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