Life is full of choices

I don’t pretend to know all the answers. I do know this, life is full of choices. And while it’s true that twenty seven years isn’t all that long, it is long enough to recognize that ability to choose carries with it great responsiblity. I think for me it’s the responsibility of an informed choice that carries with it the greatest struggle. As a married man with a 15 month old, any choices I make pertaining to my professional or academic career effect my whole family. Because of this exponential wave of “effect” I challenge us to all consider choices before we leap into a decision that could be disasterous to our families. “Where is your sense of faith?” you ask. I don’t limit faith’s purpose by proposing that life’s choices demand more than a passing glance and a quick decision. I am writing all of this, just to ask for your prayers concerning the direction of my academic studies, and my ministry to the teens at the church I am serving.

How do you make choices?

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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2 Responses to Life is full of choices

  1. RND-Thoughts says:

    I think of all the things I don’t want to happen, then decide. That usually leaves me with all the ones I want. But what I want isn’t always what’s best for me, yet again, best is the enemy of good enough. It all depends, it all depends.

  2. Ed Harrell says:

    All to often, I’m a Ready-Fire-Aim type of guy. I don’t consult my wife or my Father in Heaven and usually get into trouble. I am getting better. I know my wife tries to be a woman from Proverbs 31 and my heart is learning to trust her. God Bless!

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