Live from LCU

Today is the last day of my grad class at LCU. It’s been a rewarding week. I have got to meet some youth ministry giants. The uniting factor is that whether young or old they are here this week to better themselves professionally and to make a bigger impact on the lives of the children we minister to. The class content this week has been Christian counseling. In all the areas of my ministry where I feel least competent it has been in this area. I am not alone in this feeling. Everyone in this class this week has expressed the same feelings of inadequacy. What I have learned in a Christian counseling course primarily this week is that I don’t have to fix everyones problem and it is okay to refer a client to someone more equipped to handle their problem.

I want to dote for a few minutes on the graduate Bible program here at LCU. It is a great program. LCU is paving the way for ministers to take classes and remain in a full time ministry setting. LCU offers on-line classes, and short one week courses that most people can manipulate their schedules to take classes. The classes offered are incredible, and the price, well it is cheaper than some of our other Christian schools. Please don’t misunderstand my words, I think Christian education from any of our Christian schools is of lasting, kingdom impacting value. LCU fits for my context, and I am sure it would for yours. If you are interested contact me and I will give you some contact information to get in touch with the powers that be in the graduate Bible program.

I am out. Class starts in a little bit. Please pray for my wife and I on our return trip today.

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  1. Adam says:

    I am actually quite interested in the Bible program at LCU and know some people on faculty there (David Fraze, James Johnson). Anyway, I’d love to hear more about your experience w/ LCU. Contact me.

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