My inevitable inevitability

Yesterday, I upset my mom. It was one of those phone conversations, when I in my sarcastic wit caught my mother in one of those weepy moments. I apologized last night, and I tried earlier today, but she didn’t want to talk to me. It hurt. I deserved it. Later today, just after dinner, we talked, and I apologized again. I wanted her to understand I in no way meant her any ill-will. I think we are okay.

It’s a bummer to upset your mother. I call it my inevitable inevitability, not so much that I upset my mom, but it’s the reason we do stupid things, and still sin. I am not, nor in any way, am I discrediting the blood of Jesus, and the cleansing redeeming work of the cross. I am just confessing at times, I, a living sacrifice, still find a way off the altar. Thank God for grace!

On the more postive side of things, my wife celebrated her 25th birthday. We went out to see a movie. It was a first date of sorts since we’ve been to Duncan. We still took our little one, but she does so well at the theater. We went to see Bourne Supremacy. It’s a good second installment to the first film. We enjoyed it.

After the movie, we went to Blockbuster to pick up our copy of the Passion of the Christ. As my wife was making her way into the theater, she tripped, and banged her knee pretty hard. Definitelty not the way you want your birthday to go. It reminds of the Christmas, where I tripped and fell carrying out some chairs in my parent’s garage, and sprained my ankle badly. Oh the fun of such moments. Unexpected surprises that catch us off guard. She handled it well, better than I would of.

Today, I turned in an assignment at LCU for my Bible class. We had to write about the social word of the church in Corinth. The material thus far presented in the course is just fascinating. Speaking of course work, I have some reading to do for my counseling course.

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The random musings of a youth minister.
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