Thanks Matt Elliot

I stand corrected, and for good reason. If any one read my blog earlier today, I had posted, and apprantly false report from the Kerry campaign. My apologies for my irresponsibility in posting something reported to be true.

Check it this site at

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3 Responses to Thanks Matt Elliot

  1. Matt Elliott says:


    I truly appreciate you jumping right on that. I hate to report that I’ve responded with the truth to that email and others like it SO many times, and I find that only once in a blue moon do people actually bother to offer a retraction — and it doesn’t always seem heartfelt. Thanks for responding as you did. It was encouraging to me. I sure hope I didn’t sound like a jerk. I’m really this great guy. 🙂

    Come visit my blog sometime.

    Oh, and if you’ll tell blogger to let your email address be available to the public, I could just email you these little tidbits!

  2. CL says:

    Isn’t that interesting though. It reminds me of the “brotherhood.” You know, like, “So and so is handling snakes in the assembly now.” Oh really have you seen them? “No, but I heard…….errrrr!” I would have probably posted it myself Jason, it happens to the best of us! God bless you brother!

  3. Man, sounds like I missed the boat on this one. If only I had read your blog a few hours earlier… 😉

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