Where did my week go?

Thursday has arrived. I can’t believe where the week has gone. Oh, I know, I have had my nose buried in Corinthian commentaries.

Jennifer’s youngest brother and his wife are coming into Duncan this weekend. We are looking forward to seeing them.

I talked my dad last night, he and mom purchased plane tickets for Jen, the baby and I, so we can fly home in Thanksgiving, and he mentioned that he and mom are itching to come out to see the grandbaby in October before we come home in November. Grandchildren definitely make life a little more exciting.

Pray for my little girl, she has an outbreak of little red bumps. We are taking her the doctor today. I covet your prayers for her. She is so precious to us. She is rather entertaining as well. She has learned to dance, and everytime she hears music, her little arms start pumping up and down. She has no rythym, which is another indication that she is her father’s daughter! She is also trying to stand up on her own. I think she is practicing for the Olympics, she has watched a lot of the gymnastics, and is pulling herself up, and then letting go. Her giggles are to much! Do we have the future women’s all-around gold medalist? I think so!

Check out Mike Cope’s blog today. He has a piece about his daughter Megan, who would have been 20 today. Mike and his family have endured a great loss, and have grown as a family and in thier faith. God bless you Mike.

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The random musings of a youth minister.
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