She has the chicken pox…

Well it’s official, my darling little Rachel has the chicken pox. Not sure where we she got them. It’s better she gets them out of the way now. I got them when I was 12. It was the worst two weeks of my life!

Thank you for your prayers. They are appreciated and always needed.

Last night at church, we hosted Harley Davidson from the Western Hills church of Christ in Lawton, Oklahoma. He is an amazing speaker, and really works the crowd. His message on it takes grace to reach our deepest need, was fantastic. I know I was challenged by his words to confont my deepest need in my life. Thanks Harley.

A note on 2 Corinthians:
I will write more about this amazing letter later, I have been awstruck, if you will, with the style of writing that Paul incorporates in to his letter, and also the socio-rhetorical influence that permeates Paul’s writing. One thing that I will comment on for now, is that it appears, and praise God that it does, that out of the trials, and the painful experiences in Paul’s life, especially in Corinth, that he explores, and devolps his own theology of the cross. The more he suffered the closer to the cross he clings. Paul is leaving the Corinthians an example for them to follow. An example that we would do well to emulate.

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2 Responses to She has the chicken pox…

  1. Ed Harrell says:

    Thanks for the kind comments you left on my Blog. I can’t stand the fact that you and I are defined (to an extent) by these ultra-dogmatic legalists (Conservatives). Maybe it is time that the Mainstream Churches start to speak out more or even stop calling ourselves “Church of Christ.” I don’t know but I’ll keep plugging in Alabama and on the web.

    Hope your little one feels better. Neither of mine has had them, yet, but they have been imunized so I hope that works. God Bless!

  2. Ed,

    Thanks for stopping by, and most importantly, thanks for praying for my little one.

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