Class has begun

I am offically engrossed my studies again for this semester. I apologize if the blogs are few and far between. I am currently taking a course on 2 Corinthians, and Christian Counseling. So far in the reading for 2 Corinthians, I am loving it. It appears that this semester will be a little on the heavy side as far as reading, and writing goes.

On the home front:
Jen and I have had a couple of late nights with our little one. She is on a irregular sleeping cycle. Guess what? Jen and I are on an irregular sleeping cycle as well.

The office team and I had a staff lunch today at the Golden Corral. I love staff lunches. We work pretty well as an office team, and staff lunches is about the only time Jen and I get to eat out.

We’re looking forward to going to Branson over Labor Day weekend, and then to LCU for my short course the middle of September. I know it’s still rather early, but I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving, Jen and I are heading back to Ohio for a week. I am stoked!

My father in law, didn’t get the youth minister position in the church in Collinsville, Ok. We were saddend, and glad at the same time. We know that God will lead Don and Brenda where He wants them.

That’s it for now, I have to get back to reading.

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3 Responses to Class has begun

  1. Anonymous says:


    We just recently returned from a little jont to Branson. The MUST SEE…and when I say must see, I mean you cannot leave Branson without seeing this show…the MUST SEE is CIRQUE.

    One of the best shows I have ever seen. A total freak-show!!!!! Awesome!

    Be Blessed in your studies!
    Be Blessed on your trip!


  2. I guess I had only heard a rumor that Don was thinking about moving. So he’s really looking for a job now? Good luck to him with that.

    If Brent ends up moving (which he keeps talking about, but never makes a decision), we may need him here! 😉

  3. JP,
    Where is Brently talking about moving too? Is he leaving the ministry? About Don’s impending departure, they are looking to move back to the promised land, I mean, er, um, Oklahoma!

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