Princess Diaries 2

I admit, I went to see Princess diaries today with my wife, and 17 teen girls from our youth group. I give it two thumbs up. My favorite scene from the movie portrayed an aspect of the Gospel that was a great reminder to me of what Jesus has done for us. In this one scene, Princess Mia, halts the Genovia Independence Day parade, and walks over to a children’s home, and talks to the orphaned children. She invites all of them to march in the parade with her, and then she declares them all to be princesses, and princes. I was moved by the visual of one highly esteemed moving to make rags into riches, even if only for a day. Hasn’t Christ done the same? Taking us as we are, filthy, sin-stained souls and then turning us into unblemished artistry able to approach the throne of God with confidence. May we not forget the unforgettable grace of God that makes princes and princesses out of poor beggars.

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The random musings of a youth minister.
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